Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Man Cave of Alketas Pazis

photo © Vassilis Skopelitis [all via Yatzer]

Interiors can so often skew toward the feminine. Monochrome pastel motifs? Rock crystal chandeliers? Yes, please.

Suddenly, though, I find myself with a number of new male readers thanks to last week's custom suit giveaway. (Congrats to John Zukowski, who I announced as the winner via Twitter on Saturday, and thank you to all who entered!) But suit or no suit, I want these guys to feel welcome here. Skip the fashion posts if you must, but stay for the rest, because there should be nothing inherently female in great design.

Just take the home of Alketas Pazis. As the savvy collector behind Temporary Showroom in Greece, Pazis lovingly reclaims industrial objects from the 1900s through 1950s, renting them out for commercials and films and operating as a vintage trading house. It's no wonder, then, that his own living space adjoining the showroom exhibits such eclecticism and attention to detail.

With warm woods, charcoal walls and the requisite mounted stag head, Pazis' home takes the image of the man cave to the next level. No foosball tables or neon signs here; just sophisticated high design without the gilded, girly trimmings.

photo © Vassilis Skopelitis
photos © Vangelis Paterakis
photo © Vassilis Skopelitis
photo © Vangelis Paterakis

For more photos from Pazis' home and a peek inside his Temporary Showroom, view the story on Yatzer here.


  1. Those double doors are pure perfection.

  2. It looks really warm and well ...erm... manly lol I love it, I could relax with a good book. I'd just need a pipe and slippers lol.

  3. Now those are serious man caves! My Husband says all man caves need some "rich mahogany"

  4. Wow, these are handsome photos of the "man cave," I am always drawn to tufted furniture. I just love he wooden table. :)