Thursday, March 21, 2013

Animal Chairs by MollaSpace

Some time ago, I featured a very angry chair by Marcel Wanders, kicking off my fascination with anthropomorphic furniture. Last night, though, thanks to a  sale on, I became aware of a far less sinister but equally adorable alternative. 

A collaboration between California-based MollaSpace and Taiwanese design firm biaugust, these animal chairs are hand-rendered in four species: buffalo, poodle, lamb and pony. Each chair normally sells for $540, but Fab is offering them up for $475 for the next few days. I'd scoop one up myself if I had anywhere to put it.

*Don't forget to enter to win a custom suit courtesy of Indochino!


  1. These are fabulous. And less creepy than my Ibride animal furniture, hah!

  2. No no- I love the ones you posted! These reminded me of them.

  3. That little pony one is so chic! If I had a little nursery I'd scoop one up!