Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Midweek Covet: Lighting by Christopher Boots

Prometheus by Christopher Boots

Maybe some day I'll choose to surround myself with gilded antiques; that kind of predilection seems to come with age. For now, though, modern elegance is more my speed, which is why Christopher Boots' chandeliers are so appealing.

Incorporating quartz crystals and warm LED bulbs, Boots' Prometheus, Prometheus III and Diamond Ring are formal chandeliers that eschew the fussiness, a cheeky answer to the cut crystal of generations past. They are also among the first purchases I'll make when I earn my millions and build my own Barbie dream house. 'Cause I hear that happens to writers all the time...

Boots is based in Victoria, Australia, but his designs are available stateside for a pretty penny at THE NWBLCK.


  1. these are super cool! you always find the neatest things!

  2. i want to tie it around my neck and wear it as a necklace!


  3. This is such a cool piece! I agree w/ Sami...I want a necklace like this!

  4. This would make a gorgeous focal piece in any room! You have such wonderful taste Marissa!

    xo Georgina @

  5. You could totally pull it off! ;)

  6. i would totally love this for my apartment. beautiful.

  7. Ooohhh, It seems I missed this post! I LOVE chandeliers! And, this is such a simple, and unique one!