Friday, August 10, 2012

Grand Opening: Marimekko Boston

I pass the window of 140 Newbury Street nearly every day, so I couldn't fail to notice when brightly patterned paper suddenly covered the glass of the former Benetton space. It looks so very Marimekko, I thought to myself, but what are the chances?

Turns out I was right, and I was thrilled to see a sign weeks later announcing the impending arrival of only the third Marimekko outpost in the country (after Cambridge and New York). The Finnish print masters opened the doors Tuesday night for a grand opening party filled with color, pattern and a few ridiculously good-looking Scandinavians. 

Click through for the party photos...

The DJ was surrounded by patterned pillows, including plenty covered in the bright poppies that make up Marimekko's best-known print, Unikko.

The three-story space has quite a nice view from the stairway landing.

Marimekko designer Aino-Maija Metsola flew in all the way from Helsinki to join the party and show off her print, shown on the bolt of fabric behind her.

Metsola's design in action as a table cloth.

So much fabric! If only I could sew.

The wild designs for which Marimekko is known...

...and two adorable store employees proving that it's totally wearable.

Converse hearts Marimekko. It says so on the box, so it must be true. And don't worry if you're not into pink. These Jack Purcells and a high-top version are available in plenty of other patterns.

Baby deer - obviously my favorite pattern storewide.

Have you stopped into the new Marimekko store yet? Thoughts?


  1. i need to get in there asap! my bedding is marimekko from crate and barrel...could use a fun, matching pillow :)

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    best wishes,

  3. i came with my friend timothy and did not stay long- wish we had run into you!


  4. Aww... boo! I'm so sad I missed you!

  5. So many beautiful and colourful prints, I know a Marimekko has a huge following in the UK... love that deer mug! Dead cute!