Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Designer Discovery: CJY

[all photos via Not Just A Label]

Wearable? Maybe not, but no one can ever accuse London label CJY of being boring.

Having graduated from Central St. Martins just this year, the designer refers to herself as only CJ, though I think I've identified her as Chun Jie Yao. (Thanks, interwebs!) Inspired by ancient musical instruments, CJ has named her seasonless 2012 collection "Wood Be," interweaving knits and crochets with wood to form visually arresting shapes.

Most items from the CJY 2012 collection are available for preorder. If you dare to bedeck yourself in these avant-garde pieces, you can contact the designer here for more information.


  1. talk about letting the clothes wear you! i don't think i would be able to fit through a doorway or get in/out of a car in any of these getups! but they are though provoking ;) miss you!


  2. Miss you too! How come I never see you any more?

  3. these sure are weird looks but they are cool and edgy photos!

  4. Well this is definitely very original and very cool! Thanks for posting. 

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