Thursday, August 5, 2010

Net-A-Porter London Headquarters

 net-a-porter's reception area designed by studiofibre 
[all images via pantling studio]

It's moments like these when I can gloat. See? There is a connection between fashion, interior design and architecture! My blog concept is not entirely crazy!

StudioFibre just completed the West London headquarters of Net-A-Porter. And if you thought an employee discount would be the biggest draw to working for the online luxury retailer, check out their new digs!

 StudioFibre installed two mezzanines and a glass-enclosed meeting room at the entrance.

better than my cubicle...

the kitchen

meeting spaces

 the library

the living room

I love how the details - like Murano glass chandeliers, decorative moldings and those fabulous neo-baroque library chairs - soften up the sleek black and white decor.

And now a word from our designers, via Dezeen:
Whether stealing a quiet moment under the ‘hood’ of the brooding gothic thrones in the ‘Library’ or sitting on the ‘Theatre’ steps whilst a backdrop of runway shows plays out on the wall at cinema scale proportions, the mix of classical/minimal, traditional/contemporary, whether in the form of sliced moulding details or oversized paneling and door proportions is always apparent and reminds you that you are at the heart of a new technology driven cycle that is today’s world of Fashion.


  1. seriously? I would love to work here!

  2. wow!! This is such a great work atmosphere!! xx

  3. good grief. between the clothing and the environment how could an employee not be inspired?? imagine the people who apply, interview and not get the the hell do they ever recover??


  4. Hahaha, good point Carrie! I don't think I could take that kind of disappointment.

  5. I love this look - its so chic and sleek. I bet I could work more effectively in this kind of environment...hire me? Please?

  6. i loved this post! i am an arch student and i just love to see fashion&architecture blending so well. ok, a bit of design too! ^_^

    p.s. i love the comments above with 'hire me' =D i'd love to work there too!