Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wish List: Miu Miu Swallow Sunglasses

[image via nitrolicious courtesy of luxottica]

Oh, to own just a little piece of the Miu Miu bird-print phenomenon! Yes, I know it's not new anymore, but these sunnies from the fall/winter 2010 line are nice and subtle. And, at $195, they are probably the only iconic Miu Miu piece that I could afford. (Yes, it's a splurge, but it's all relative.)


  1. Love these and I need a new pair of sunglasses! Did you get them?

  2. I love these sunnies! Perfect color!

    In a moment of temporary insanity I splurged on the bird shoes...they were the last pair and I had walking pneumonia when I fell upon them so I wasn't all "there"!


    hope you get the shades!

  3. I have been trying to track these down ever since I saw them in InStyle! Thanks for posting them!!

  4. @Style'n - I wish! I definitely don't need them and I promised myself I would never buy nice sunglasses again after I thought I lost my Oliver Peoples.

    @This Free Bird - The clogs? Ooh! I'm jealous! (I've been known too splurge without pneumonia, so no judgment here.)

    @Noelani - Glad I could help! BTW, my friend's daughter's name is Noelani and you are only the second one I've ever heard of. :)

  5. Oh they are beautiful! Subtle, but beautiful. And as someone who wears sunglasses most days I'd absolutely love them!
    Now, the chances of my optician's getting them? Very slim indeed.

    Florrie x

  6. I love these. It is just a shame that I have such a bad track record with scratching and breaking sunglasses. I would have to think veyr carefully about investing.