Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Angela Adams for Anthropologie

In what is pretty much a match made in housewares heaven, Maine designer Angela Adams (best known for her rugs) and retailer Anthropologie (best known for classing up the Urban Outfitter's empire) have teamed up on a collection.

Shelterpop has a short interview with Adams, who said that the partnership is "really centered around storytelling - stories that conjure up happy memories of beloved places and the creatures that inhabit them." That explanation is a little too sugary sweet for me, but the line sure is lovely.


 seagull dish towels [images via shelterpop]

The only items I'm not so excited about, surprisingly, are the rugs. While beautiful, the "Sweet as Honey" and "Budding Birch" rugs are nothing new. They come straight from Adams' own collection, just renamed for Anthropologie. And as for "Velvet Moss" (the one that looks like camo), it's just a drab-colored version of Adams' "Ocean."

Those dishtowels (only available in store, not online) are a whole different story. I'll be using what's left of an Anthropologie gift card to bring those home with me.


  1. Oh, I love Angela Adams - how exciting!

  2. I really like the bedroom items. A little girly for my taste, but they are really beautiful patterns and color combinations.

  3. Dish towels are too cute!!! Wish we had Anthropologie in Greece - i know they've launched in UK now.


  4. ooooh i have never heard of angela adams! thank you for sharing! i was just in anthropologie last night, i wish i could live in that store!!!!

  5. love the honey rug and the shower curtain. And adore Anthro!!

  6. OMG that bed is so gorgeous!