Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Midweek Covet: Steven Alan Time Traveler Watch

dual time watch

I've never worn a watch. Call me crazy, but the idea of wearing the same accessory on my wrist every single day seems tedious. Sure, I've admired the chunky rose gold timepieces of fashion-conscious friends, but I just never jumped on the bandwagon. Then, this beauty from Steven Alan popped up in my inbox and stopped me cold.

The Time Traveler Watch ($395) is pretty much the antithesis of the heavy metal watches we've been seeing. It's slim, sleek and perfectly simple, with it's gold-plated stainless steel body and smooth leather strap. Then, of course, there's the dual time settings (twin Japanese automatic movement, in case you care about that sort of thing).

I can see it now: No more counting backwards seven hours on my fingers to call friends and family back in Boston. See? It practically a necessity for expats like me!


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