Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Midweek Covet: Virtue Special II Flats by Melissa

Melissa Virtue Speciall II spike flats

This week's covet is perhaps the most attainable I've ever posted at just $81. That's being said, I've never been a flats girl. Never! They cut into the backs of my heels and leave me looking every bit as tiny as my five-foot-nothing frame.

But it seems not even my chunkiest heels and most comfortable wedges can keep up with my new lifestyle. Sure, my hometown of Boston is a walkable city—just not from November through March. Now that I've moved to sunny Tel Aviv, I'm walking everywhere, and flats are a must!

Brazilian brand Melissa is ubiquitous in Israel, and I tried on these Virtue Special II flats on my way home from the bank today. I've always been in awe of Melissa's ability to create uber-comfortable shoes out of plastic (actually, it's a unique, patented plastic called Meleflex), and these babies are no different. That spike is just the right thing to toughen up a girly outfit, don't you think? Plus, they're on sale now at ASOS!


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