Monday, October 20, 2014

Fashion Icon Pumpkins by Domaine Home

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen [all photos by Peter Dolkas for Domaine]

I can't help but love ridiculousness like this! In honor of Halloween, Domaine Magazine has created the most fashionable pumpkins you've ever seen. From Anna Wintour's signature bob to Karl Lagerfeld's sneer, these stylish gourds are frighteningly on the mark.

Anna Wintour

Karl Lagerfeld

Grace Coddington

Rachel Zoe

André Leon Talley

Jenna Lyons


  1. amazing! Rachel Zoe has to be my favorite one!

  2. These are great! I LOVE the Rachel Zoe pumpkin.

  3. I know - that one's fantastic, but I think Karl Lagerfeld is my favorite.