Friday, March 14, 2014

Home Decor Photography by Beppe Brancato

all photos by Beppe Brancato

This pretty pastel image has been bouncing all around Tumblr and Pinterest lately, with nary a description or photo credit to be found. Pity that some talented photographer or designer should go unrecognized! Fortunately, a quick reverse image search led me to the website of Italian photographer Beppe Brancato, whose now viral photo is but one in a sorbet-hued series.

Having shot equally dreamy editorials for the likes of Elle Decor, Wallpaper and Casa Vogue, Brancato's portfolio is quite the treasure trove, with minimalist shapes and pastel palettes playing a recurring role. Some of my favorites, though, are Brancato's all-together moodier shots for Marie Claire Maison, below.

Be sure to check out more of Brancato's photography here. Whether capturing dusky jewel-tones or softer cotton-candy hues, there's a striking commonality that runs across his entire body of work.


  1. such lovely interiors! I'm pinning the first photo right away! I actually did a fashion-related pastels collage a few weeks ago with a bit of interiors as well and the first few photos could fit right in them!

  2. I love how clean everything is and the photography on the first set of pictures. That's the problem with tumblr sometimes you can find something amazing and then actually finding the source can be really tricky.

  3. For some reason in the pastel design everything just works! I am already a fan of pastel combinations in interiors/fashion, but really love the sorbet hues. Great post, I like Brancanto's work! :-)