Thursday, October 10, 2013

Interchangeable Frames by Frameri

Now that glasses have become the hipster fashion accessory du jour (thanks Warby Parker!), a startup called Frameri is one-upping ubiquitous horn rims with an entirely new concept: an interchangeable frame and lens system. Prescription or non-prescription lenses pop out of one frame and right back into another, allowing you to change glasses to match your outfit or suit your mood. The question is, how did no one think of this before?

Frameri used 3D-printing techniques to build their prototypes, the results of which are six lens shapes and about a million frame and color combinations, all handmade in Italy. With seven days to go before the end of Frameri's Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign, the team has already far exceeded its funding goal of $30,000, so frames and lenses will begin to ship in January.

Don't you just love it when an awesome design concept becomes reality?


  1. This is a FANTASTIC idea I love it!! I cannot believe someone did not think of it before either xo

  2. OMG I so want.... I will be monitoring the progress on this one and be lined up to get me some ( LOL) I think this just surpassed the ipad on my must haves.

  3. These are awesome, I'm one of those hipster types that rock the occasional 'faux glasses'. So you can blame me, but it's great how kickstarter and similar sites have allowed brilliant concepts to actually make it to market. Before we'd be like 'cool idea, shame it'll never happen'.

  4. Exactly! There were so many cool concepts that I saw on sites like Yatzer, and the designers never had any way to produce them. Thank god for Kickstarter!