Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guest Post:
Think Pink at MFA Boston & Vera Wang Bridal

While I'm honeymooning in Anguilla, I have a couple of fabulous Boston bloggers filling in for me. Thank you to Sami for this one!

Hi! I am Sami from A Glimpse of Glamour. I met Marissa a few years ago when we first started our blogs and we have been friends ever since! I have always admired her unique findings, impeccable writing and the way she intertwines great design with great fashion. I am so excited for the opportunity to appear on her blog during the most wonderful time of her life! Congrats on your wedding, Marissa and Avi!

Last week, I was delighted to visit the Boston MFA and see it all lit up—in PINK! To celebrate the opening of the museum's latest exhibit, "Think Pink," and to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the museum will be illuminated in this rosy hue for the remainder of October!

Made up of 70 objects, which range from fashion pieces to works of art, this small exhibition packs a powerful pink presentation and explores the color's sociological significance throughout history. Did you know that up until the 1920s, the color pink was worn by young boys, while girls wore the daintier color blue? Now it feels like you can't buy one thing for a child without it having to be one of the two gender-specific color choices. I think the best example of this very conundrum is brought to life in this photograph:

SeeWoo and Her Pink Things, 2006 JeongMee Yoon

According to the Curator of Fashion Arts, Michelle Finamore, "I have been fascinated by design and gender for some time and working on this exhibition has helped me to answer questions about why my five-year old daughter's closet is full of pink dresses. Exploring the Museum's collection through 'rose-colored glasses' has been a stimulating exercise, inspiring me to see objects from a new perspective." 

And speaking of pink dresses, here are some of my favorites from the exhibit...

If these last two could just find their way to my closet, I would be a very happy boy. I mean, girl. :)

On a similar note, Vera Wang took Bridal Fall Fashion Week 2014 by storm, sending model-brides down the runway in nothing but pink, pink and more PINK!

images via Vera Wang
Some think it was purely for editorial purposes—but I kind of love the idea of being pretty in pink for a wedding day!


  1. Those Vera Wang dresses have me all swoony! And I really need to get down to the MFA while it's all lit up! Too perfect.

  2. Pink Vera is like heaven on earth for me! Great post and wonderful job filling in Sami! xo