Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guest Post: Dog Milk Inspiration

While I'm honeymooning in Anguilla, I have a couple of fabulous Boston bloggers filling in for me. Thank you to Alex (and Toby) for this one!

First things first, a big congratulations to Marissa and her man on their wedding day/honeymoon/ALL THE EXCITING THINGS! WOO!

Now onto other, less exciting, things. I'm Alex, and I blog over at Literally, Everything where I talk about a little bit of everything. I was inspired by Marissa's recent post about dogs and design, partly because I'm a big lover of design, but also because I happen to have a pooch of my own who I'm pretty obsessed with. This, of course, led me down the rabbit hole of the Internet where I stumbled upon Dog Milk, a design blog about all things dogs.

A match made in heaven.

My biggest challenge thus far has been trying to integrate Toby's doggie things into our home in a visually appealing manner. Sometimes dog things are just kind of gross, but it doesn't have to be that way! I mean, check out these dog bowls.

images from this post

So much more appealing than regular silver bowls, amirite? The concrete feeder is technically an outdoor bowl, but I think it'd look simply fabulous next to our bar cart.

And beds. Oh man beds. We've learned in our two years with Toby that beds can quickly turn grey and aren't the most aesthetically pleasing pieces on the block. But an indoor dog house could be a real game-changer for me.

image from this post

Someone do me a favor and get me that bed immediately.

Now, excuse me while I go get lost in more Dog Milk posts. Thanks so much for having me Marissa!


  1. love this post! i wonder if they have that bed in kitty size?
    talula needs one!


  2. Love those dog bowls! I must know where you got Toby's booties too!

  3. Sorry for delayed response but they're from Petco! I believe the Petco brand is called Pup Crew, but any boots with hard bottoms are perfect for pups!