Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Covet + Lou Coming Soon

Way to leave us in suspense, Tina Burgos! The woman behind much-missed Newbury Street boutique Stel's sent an email this afternoon with little more than a purposefully blurred screenshot to announce her new venture. Fortunately, Instragram holds some clues as to what we'll see when Burgos' online shop, Covet + Lou, launches October 8.

Described in the email as "celebrating the independent spirit" and "well-edited," Covet + Lou certainly sounds like Stel's but with a couple welcome additions: the promise of home goods and vintage clothing. Well, that's enough to get me psyched, and the rest of the Instragram shots don't hurt either...

Between Burgos' new web shop and the reopening of Dress, fall in Boston has never looked so promising!


  1. I have been following on Instagram and cannot wait to see more. She has such good taste!

  2. Looks interesting. Can't wait to see more.