Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weekend House at Raigad by Matharoo Associates

[all photos via Matharoo Associates or Architizer]

For years, India has been on my "must visit" list for its ancient relics and rich culture. Never did I consider that it might also be a destination for luxury modern architecture, but Matharoo Associates has opened my eyes. Based in the state of Gujarat, Matharoo's architects are building all manner of unexpected concrete and steel structures across India, including this incredible weekend house at Raigad.

Read the architects' statement and see more photos after the jump.

From Matharoo Associates:
A series of strong images formed the inspiration for the design of this house. Its proximity to the sea made the design reminiscent of an aquatic animal or a marooned ship. At the same time it came to resemble the old forts dotted around and off the coast, reverberating with past practices and histories. 
Above the heavy stone plinth sits a long glass box, a social and functional space from which to fully enjoy the landscape. The stone ‘plinth’ houses the family, functional and private areas, in a half basement, while still maintaining views of the coast outside.
Every room in the property receives a view of the sea. The seascape which is the dominating feature of the house we exaggerated by bringing the swimming pool through and into the main house, flanking the upper living room: surrounding the inhabitant with water.

Not too shabby for a "weekend house," huh?


  1. India fascinates me. I just think the culture and the history is so interesting. It's amazing to watch the country evolve into the future.


  2. ...Did my comment not go through?! :(

  3. wow! That place looks amazing! I've always wanted to visit India too. My mom went there a couple of years ago, but She stayed no where near as luxurious as this!

  4. Wow!

    Beautiful house.