Monday, March 11, 2013

Boston's own "Shoe Obsession:" Acid Tongued Angel

Cinderella Gone Bad by Acid Tongued Angel

With the new "Shoe Obsession" exhibit now open at the Museum at FIT and the upcoming release of the book by the same name, T Magazine featured some off the most delectable shoe porn fit to print last week. That's New York news of course, but for once, Boston may be right in step.

As it turns out, our city has its own avant-garde footwear designer in Annie Jean-Baptiste, who launched Acid Tongued Angel two years ago through her blog and Etsy store. She now sells designs like the Mermaid (a heel covered in broken sea glass, gold flecks and sea shells) and the Acid Gets Trashed (a junk yard inspired creation of spikes, screws and studs) mainly through fashion shows and word of mouth.

Acid Tongued Angel's signature shoe, the Cinderella Gone Bad (above), is a modern take on the fairy tale glass slipper, complete with broken glass and rhinestone baubles. All of Jean-Baptiste's designs are custom made, ranging in price from $15 for bespoke bows to to $500 for one-of-a-kind heels.

Not enough shoe porn for you? There are more photos from Acid Tongued Angel after the jump.

The Acid Gets Trashed

The Mermaid

The Garden
[all photos courtesy of Acid Tongued Angel]


  1. Wow that's some serious shoe porn! I love the first picture; Cinderella gone bad they're awesome. I'm a fan with anything edgy and aggressive looking when it comes to shoes.

  2. Very cool! Love hearing about awesome designers in Boston!


  3. OMG! Those are seriously some crazy shoes!! Love the creativity, I'll have to check out her shop.

  4. That is serious! I love the mermaid style. I imagine the extended spikes (in the second pic) would come in handy walking at night in the city streets, haha ... if necessary! :)