Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spoon Debuts at Boston Fashion Week

[photos courtesy of Spoon]

Boston Fashion Week designers have a lot to live up to after Thursday night's showing by Spoon. The former locals behind the label, Randi Spoon and Alexis Przybylski Lawton, sent a brand of chic wearability down the runway that has only been seen in this city as of late.

No more overwrought ruching or floor-length taffeta. No, Boston Brahmins need not apply. With sophisticated laser-cut silks, flirty tweed-trimmed separates and a cheeky flatware print (spoons, natch), Spoon is set to dress a new generation of Bostonians, joining the ranks of Emily Muller and Emerson.

Low lighting was the show's one flaw, perhaps inevitable when you plant a runway in a restaurant. (The upside is lobster tacos.) So, I have to rely on photos from Spoon's Spring 2013 lookbook to illustrate what went down last night.

Of course, that doesn't include the post-show styling presentation. Quick recap in case you didn't read yesterday's post: The Spoon girls asked me to style their signature Kate top (which they kindly gifted to me) and present my look on the runway, alongside Kristen of The Boston Fashionista, Sarah of Sarah McManus Styling and Maureen of Caught In Southie. Here's the gist of what I wore...

Clockwise from top left: Haute Hippie embellished blazer / Spoon Kate top / Madewell skinny belt / JOE'S JEANS skinny jean / Rockport Janae pump  

The Kate top is currently available to purchase at, and the rest of the Spring 2013 collection will go on sale next March. Congratulations to the Spoon girls on an truly impressive first show, and thank you for letting me be a part of it!


  1. I love the outfit you wore. It's cool Boston has it's own fashion week. I've been to Boston once before and really love the city, it's a shame it's often over shadowed, fashion wise, to cities like New York.

  2. Nice! It was really dark in there and I totally would've stayed if it wasn't so crowded or set up a little more fashion friendly! Glad I was able to see you!! xoxo

  3. what lovely pieces! Adore the last skirt.

  4. So sorry I didn't reply earlier! It was so sweet of you to show up! It was great to see you for a split second. We'll have to make it longer next time. :)