Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zoora Spring Lookbook

Zoora's spring lookbook has arrived, and I couldn't be more proud of my friend Holly who put it all together! Under Holly's production guidance, a team of Boston stylists, photographers, and hair and makeup aritsts have given Zoora a stunning showcase for the season ahead.

I was going to pick some of my favorite shots to show you, but a lookbook is really better viewed in its entirety, hence the slideshow.

If you're not familiar with Zoora, a local company that launched earlier this year, you can read more about the awesome concept here. Then see if you can resist its pull.


  1. I'm not sold on everything (not sure about the jumpsuits) but some of the skirts are really cute!

  2. Thanks for posting, miss!  We are so glad you like it; looking forward to seeing you soon

  3. what a talented group of people they have behind zoora! love!!


  4. You're so very welcome. You guys are doing great work over there! :)