Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Organized Chaos

[photos via Architectural Digest]

When it comes to my living space, I keep things clean, modern and functional. I like there to be a place for everything, and everything in its place. Those who know me best might describe me as anal, and it's probably true. Clutter makes me panic.

But that doesn't mean I'm not drawn to eclectic decor. As someone who has trouble finding the proper spot for a vase, let alone a foo dog, I think I have an even greater appreciation than most for those who can fill a room to the gills and make it work. Which is certainly the case with designer Timothy Corrigan's Georgian Colonial.

[photos via Architectural Digest]

Featured in Architectural Digest's April issue, the L.A. home is an antique dealer's dream and a modernist's nightmare. Having grown up in the house, nostalgia led Corrigan to purchase it as an adult. (Aww!) He knocked down walls to open up the space and then began decorating with a contrasting assortment of furniture, textiles, art and antiques.

Rather than exuding formality, though, the strange mix lends a playfulness to the stately home. And, best of all for me, it somehow manages to remain uncluttered!

Whether I can learn the secrets of eclectic, uncluttered living is questionable, but Corrigan's home has me itching to try. If you're in the same boat, here are a few items to get you started:

clockwise from left: Clarendon wallpaper by Osborne & Little / Antiqued Mirror with Candle Holders / Turquoise Foo Dog Table Lamp / Antique Garden Stool / West Elm Essex Sofa


  1. I've always found it difficult to balance quirky and eclectic with chic and uncluttered. I love the idea of a patterned couch to start it off, though.

  2. that couch is really cool! It scares me to have a white couch for dirt though haha- practicality

  3. I am OCD to a fault (my husband loves to make fun of my everything has a place motto) but when it comes to decor this is just my speed. I am dying to try and create draping around a bed like this- it's so classic and an easy way to take a room to the next level.

  4. I'm still trying o figure out what my home aesthetic is. I also have trouble placing vases in that perfect spot (the window sill, I guess?).  I like these photos a lot. It's a bit much for my tatse, but like the comment below me, I like the idea of starting with a patterned couch.

    Oh by the way, commenting works! Sorry for the confusion!

  5. Nice to know I am not the only one like this,lol. I'm aware of my OCD qualities, but that's what balances me & bf out!  I love these beautiful interior spaces, especially the 4th and 7th images. I like to mix historical pieces with modern elements. I'm currently loving greens and yellows in home decor. Ahhhh. dreamland.

  6. Ohhhhkay, I swear you totally commented on this in my apartment! It's funny because I love my space like crazy but I also love your minimalist home aesthetic as well and really there is a charm in both I think. What I really appreciate though is that I have always thought that when people who have way more streamlined decor than me come into my home they hate it in their heads, lol. So I was really happy to get such a positive response from you on my apartment :).

    You saw my home is definitely a organized chaos situation FOR SURE but I think it really reflects me, and even spills over to what I wear. I can toooootally show you where a foo dog belongs if for some reason you are compelled to buy one.

  7. Sorry for the late reply! But no worries about the comments. I'm just glad it's working!

  8. Yep, you're apartment was one of those organized chaotic spaces that I love. It's so perfectly you!