Wednesday, February 8, 2012

31 & Change

[photos by Drew Dies for 31 & Change]

In yet another case of forgetting where I found something cool (maybe, I bring you 31 & Change. This Brooklyn-based furniture company combines contrasting materials and upcylces the ordinary to lend a dose of whimsy to its rustic designs.

Can there be a better word than whimsy for a company that describes trees as "nature's nose hairs?" Designer Kurt Lenard finds inspiration in the natural grain of wood and recognizes each tree's contribution to filtering the air we breathe. So, to pay back his muses, 31 & Change donates two trees to for each piece of furniture sold.

So, umm... if anyone wants to save a tree, you can go ahead and buy me the Butler St. entrance table.

*Don't forget to enter to win some Jason Wu for Target!


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