Monday, May 10, 2010

Female Scientist Wallpaper by Katie Deedy

I've noticed a lot of Darwinist/ecological inspiration popping up lately (more on that later), and I love Katie Deedy's feminist spin on the idea:

"And while discoveries by men such as Darwin and Newton have made them household names, there are countless others whose scholarly work has been lost, forgotten or even usurped by other intellectuals. Our Spring 2010 wallpaper line highlights three such individuals, all of whom are women, whose phenomenal academic stories have fallen between the cracks of history." 

Green bugs may not be not for everyone, but I can see this handmade wallpaper as the perfect base for a curiosity shop themed bathroom or study. Think pinned butterflies, terrariums and bell jars.


  1. This is genius. My boyfriend has recently hinted at turning our study into a Darwin/ecological haven. Perhaps this will be the compromise?! ;)

  2. You can definitely make Darwin beautiful and girly. I say go for it!