Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Suneri on Newbury

[image via Suneri]

Davis Square boutique Suneri has opened its second location at 205 Newbury Street (taking over the old Luna Boston space), and I managed to sneak over during my lunch break today.

All I can say is that I'm very impressed - great sales help, airy layout and a well-edited selection of pieces by little-known international designers. In fact, the only designers carried by Suneri that I had heard of are Genetic Denim and Nieves Lavi. It's so nice to have some new options that you don't find in every other store!

New Brahmin already did a nice rundown of Suneri and the sisters behind the store (way to beat me to it, Liana!), so I thought I'd focus on some of the interesting pieces I came across.

Three skirts in particular caught my eye, which was really a downer because I promised myself I would stop buying skirts that I can't wear to the office. (It's a casual office, but let's face it, micro-minis are never work-appropriate.)

If you know me, you won't be surprised that two of these skirts are purple:
Water Color Print Organza Silk Mini Skirt / Ostrich Feather Skirt
both by L.A. brand Fumblinfoe

The third skirt was a fantastic architectural shape with a graphic square pattern. It would have probably swallowed me up whole had I bothered to try it on, but I love it nonetheless.
 Skirt by Dutch label Els Petit @elsewerk

And, why yes, that is a 20% off sign you see in the background! To celebrate their opening, Suneri is offering 20% off all clothing and accessories and 40% off all shoes. Plus, the prices are fairly reasonable to begin with, especially for Newbury Street.

I left with two breezy spring tops (below), and a pair of narrow linen pants by Israeli brand Ronen Chen. (What, you didn't think I'd walk out empty handed, did you?)

Silk button-down top by Fumblinfoe / Blouse by Ecru


  1. That store looks great! I really miss Newbury Street... back in the day when I lived in Boston, we still had Allston Beat near JP Licks and Tower Records! The nice boutiques were just beginning to move in. Did I just totally date myself?

  2. Wow - I had totally forgotten about Allston Beat! That brings back some memories!

    The Arlington St. side of Newbury was always fancy, but yes, down by Mass. Ave. was the gritty, cool area I used to go to with friends in my early teens. Did you know that Tower Records is now a Best Buy? Sad, I know.

  3. Since I live in the area I'd love to stop by! xo, Betsy

  4. Oh! Those purple skirts are SOOO amazing. Maybe if you paired them with opaque tights they could become office appropriate? /wishful thinking

  5. Ashe Mischief, you're probably right, but I hate wearing tights in the summer!