Friday, April 2, 2010

DVF Coming to Boston

 [image via DVF]

Good news, kids! Diane von Furstenberg will be opening a boutique in Boston this July, according to WWD.

Despite being perhaps the only person that does not look good in a DVF wrap dress (universally flattering my ass!), I'm super excited to have Furstenberg's full collection of flowy patterened goodness here for summer.

I'm crossing my fingers that the store will be on Newbury, right near my office. Lunch breaks are getting more and more dangerous!


  1. Lucky Boston girls!

    Why does the DVF dress not work for you? Maybe I can help. Do you find them too lowcut? Is the shape wrong for your body type?

  2. Lucky Boston girls? Aren't you in New York?!

    As for the wrap dresses, I'm just too short, and the waist always seems to hit in the wrong place. Same for the amazing Alexander Wang dress I tried on today. :(

  3. A lot of them are super gorgeous but I have to admit I've never even tried one on!

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