Sunday, March 28, 2010

For the Boys

[image via Dera Dera]

Eric has never been much into fashion, but it seems he's coming around. It started with an insatiable appetite for shoes (wonder where he got that from?), and now he's the proud owner of this Hugo Boss sport coat.

We had a store credit at Bloomingdale's, and I picked this out for him thinking it would be perfect for job interviews and a couple of casual summer weddings we have this year. It was the first time I've ever really shopped for a guy (t-shirts for Eric and ties for my dad not withstanding), and I have to say I like it!

My next task is to find a less expensive shirt and tie to go with the jacket. I'm thinking I'll try H&M and Zara, but I have no idea what their men's clothes are like. Any feedback?

The other option is Gilt Group, which Eric somehow discovered without my help. (Yes, I'm very impressed with his newfound style acumen.) So, if you're not yet a Gilt member, join with Eric's invite so he can earn credits and become as fashionable as his better half.


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