Friday, March 26, 2010

Dining off the Finnish Forest

 Elicia Dining Plate [via DesignBoom]

Designed by Finnish Craftsman Eero Remes and produced by Moneral, these Elicia plates are made from slices of Finnish Aspen trees, bark and all!

Don't worry, the wood is treated with a Finnish product called Moncoat™, which was designed specifically for products that come in contact with food. (So no wood chips or termites in your dinner.) The coating is also supposed to make the plates extremely durable.

I find these incredibly beautiful, and if you're into the slow food movement, it seems these plates would serve as a great reminder of the connection between food and nature.

If only Moneral didn't recommend hand washing!

Elicia Serving Pieces [via DesignBoom]

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  1. Those look awesome. But I agree about the hand-washing, that's too bad - I love the dishwasher and my nails thank me for using it!