Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An Energy-Efficient Alternative to the Edison Bulb from Buster + Punch

LED Edison Bulb
LED Edison Bulb
[photos courtesy of Buster + Punch]

At every hip, ambiently lit restaurant  we visit, my oh-so-practical husband never fails to comment on the silliness of Edison bulbs. I, of course, love the warm glow of an old-fashioned light bulb filament, but I can understand the impracticality of Edison bulbs in the age of energy-efficient LEDs.

Enter the new Buster Bulb from British design group Buster + Punch! Calling itself the world's first designer LED bulb, the Buster Bulb mimics the industrial feel of an Edison bulb with a 3-watt dimmable LED. The LED uses only 5 percent of a traditional bulb's energy and lasts 10,000 hours, but more importantly, it just looks so dang cool!

The teardrop glass housing is available in  warm gold, smoked grey or bright crystal, and the bulbs are finished with a satin metallic sheen. A patented resin light pipe on the inside allows the bulb to provide ambient lighting in a room while also throwing focused spot light onto tables and surfaces below.

Those of you in Europe can view the Buster Bulb at Buster & Punch's London showroom or Stockholm store, while the rest of us can purchase the £39.99 bulb online.


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