Friday, November 14, 2014

Blurring Indoor and Outdoor Living Space in Brazil

all photos by Tony Chen [via Architizer]

In the midst of a crisp New England autumn, it's easy to forget that there's anything lacking in this part of the world. But the sort of breezy indoor/outdoor living space seen here just doesn't exist in these parts, nor would it make sense in a region that essentially hibernates for a third of the year.

In the more temperate climate of Brazil, though, architecture firm Jacob, Assiz & Annunziato Arquitetos Associados have created a home that flows seamlessly from the inside out.

Located in Paulinia, São Paulo, and completed in 2012, the Souza House features walls of windows that slide open fully to reveal patio, pool and wet bar, blurring any sort of line between house and yard. Meanwhle, flagstone interior walls and polished concrete floors further pull the outdoors in.

Kind of makes you wonder what people were thinking when they settled this far north, doesn't it?


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