Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Azerbaijani Rug Art by Faig Ahmed

Section rug sculpture by Faig Ahmed
Section sculpture of plastic and woolen handmade carpet

Born, bred and based in Baku, Azerbaijan, Faig Ahmed takes the art of traditional Azerbaijani rug weaving and turns it completely on its head with his handmade wool carpets, sculptures and installations. Disassembling traditional rugs and rearranging their compositions, Ahmed creates entirely contemporary works of art based on an age-old technique, and the results are incredible. Check 'em out!



Tradition in Pixels

Double Changes

Carpet Equalizer sculpture of plastic and woolen handmade carpet

Sculpture #5

Embroidered Space installation of carpet thread

[found via Of a Kind]

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  1. These are so unique! I have never seen a pixelated rug before.