Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Unique Mix of Materials in British Colombia

all photos by NZ Builders ltd [via Houzz]

Remember all those concrete walls? Well, a few weeks back, Houzz featured an entire home constructed of concrete. Located in Victoria, B.C., the building materials result in an impressive $0 energy bill (though I'm not sure that would hold on the East Coast in today's scorcher). What's just as noteworthy to me, though, are the materials used inside the home. Contrasting with the concrete facade are interior walls of exposed brick, wood and graffiti-clad tile, not to mention that incredible kitchen counter. Check it out...

Damon Gray of NZ Builders ltd built the home as his own family residence, but Robyn Meredith Bryson gets credit as interior designer. Just look at the butterfly ties on the wood planks warming up the place. Who knew they could be so modern? And, of course, I'm dying over that bright kitchen counter top, chosen by Gray in a Martini-green shade of Silestone quartz. The WCs take the cake, though: graffiti tile for the kids' bathroom and exposed brick for the grownups. Swoon!


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