Monday, June 9, 2014

Renewable Bamboo Business Cards by Grovemade

Renewable Bamboo Business Cards by Grovemade

When you think of the amount of information that has been digitized, it seems a little laughable that we still hand out paper business cards. The ones I receive are transcribed into my iPhone before landing promptly in the trash, but here's one card that's more deserving of a frame than a rubbish bin.

Grovemade, a Portland, Ore., designer of handcrafted wood and leather accessories, has come out with a line of customizable cards made from renewable bamboo. Each card is laser engraved, direct printed or laser cut atop vellum paper backing, then hand sanded and oiled for a smooth finish.

Sounds fancy... and pricey! Remarkably, though, the folks at Grovemade insist that their bamboo cards are priced competitively with traditional paper cards, depending on order volume.

Grovemade is only filling bulk and corporate orders for now, so no bamboo blog cards for me, sadly. I can see these going over famously at a design agency, though. You artfully employed types should get on that. You can visit for more information.


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