Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Organic Architecture by Robert Harvey Oshatz

Fennel Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz (all photos by Cameron Neilson)

Whoever said a house should have four walls? Certainly not Robert Harvey Oshatz. A recent cameo on Portlandia (and a subsequent piece on Houzz) introduced Oshatz's curvaceous Fennel Residence to the public, but it turns out the rest of his work is just as wildly wonderful.

Completed in 2007, the Chenequa Residence winds its way around old-growth trees and wraps around a hill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Inside, a pillar of stone anchors the central atrium from which the rest of the house extends.

Chenequa Residence

Meanwhile, the Panet Raymond Beach House, which Oshatz completed in 2006, provides sweeping views of the Oregon coastline while blending into the surrounding dunes.

Panet Raymond Beach House

These are just a few of Oshatz's most remarkable projects, so head on over to his website to see the rest!


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