Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Italian Architectural Furniture by Massimo Farina

Massimo Farina New Medieval Chair

Massimo Farina New Medieval Chair
Massimo New Medieval armchair

The American furniture market is in for a treat this spring with the U.S. launch of Massimo, a sculptural furniture line by Italian architectural engineer Massimo Farina. With each piece hand crafted in his Venice studio, Farina draws inspiration from both Italian history and the Roman classical, renaissance and medieval architecture found in Venice and Verona.

Take the New Medieval armchair (above), which mimics a gondola in its angles and curves, then forms the shape of a Roman gladiator shield when viewed from behind.

The Arched chair draws inspiration from the Roman Arena di Verona amphitheater, while the Saturn chair looks skyward for its otherworldly rings.

Massimo Farina Arched Chair
Arched chair
Massimo Farina Saturn Chair
Saturn chair

Two desks and three tables round out the collection, the most interesting of which is undoubtedly the Artigli, its base representing the clasping claws of some mythological beast.

Artigli table

Each limited-edition Massimo piece comes in a choice of woods and leathers and is now available to order in the U.S. through


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