Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stingray Fold-Over Clutch by Mary Jo Matsumoto

Remember my exhaustive search for shagreen? Well, somewhere along the way, that quest led me to Southern California accessory designer Mary Jo Matsumoto and her striking stingray clutches.

Incorporating the natural diamond pattern of genuine shagreen in a soft fold-over design, the clutches are lined in calfskin and finished with tasseled zipper pulls. Each bag retails for $450 in a choice of cobalt, black on silver or black on black. The amazing merlot version above is technically sold out, but Matsumoto is taking special orders just in time for Valentine's Day!


  1. Thank you for featuring our Merlot Stingray bag! I really need to get one for myself! xo

  2. You don't have one for yourself yet?? Well, that's just not right! ;)

  3. It looks so comfortable to hold and I love the colors! The only thing that I don't really like is that diamond shaped embellishment. I don't like anything that looks like an eye!

  4. Haha! Really? Is it the whole evil eye thing? I can see how that could be a little creepy.