Thursday, November 21, 2013

Convertible Riding Boots by Melissa

Melissa boots, $139.30

I have absolutely no need for a new pair of boots. Over the years, I've collected them all: snow boots and wellies, ankle-height and tall, brown leather and black suede, flats, wedges, and heels. But if I were to start all over again, there would just be these — one boot to rule them all.

Featuring a removable shaft, this pair from Melissa goes from knee-high equestrian style to Chelsea ankle boot in a snap. And, despite the look of leather and suede, the boots are actually made of waterproof PVC, which means they can take you straight through a New England winter with just the addition of some cozy socks. They also come in brown and in high-shine color combos, but the pair I've chosen here are on sale. You can thank me later.


  1. I love boots like this but the calf always tends to run wide for my thing legs :/


  2. omg, i have the biggest crush on these boots. i have been debating whether to buy them toootally. ugh.

  3. Fantastic boots. Two in one, brilliant!!

  4. You always find the most amazing pieces Marissa!!