Friday, August 23, 2013

WTF?! Moment: Armani Diapers
and Other Designer Crossovers

[via Armani Russia]

I haven't shared a WTF?! Moment in quite a while, but when something as outlandish as Armani diapers debuts, there's nothing to say but WTF?!

The designer diapers first popped onto my radar when I received an email from a source unknown to me:
Hi The well appointed catwalk
Someone has suggested you to check out the new Armani Diapers!
"In Russia only"
Normally, I'd pass this off as spam and be on my merry way. Armani diapers can't really exist, can they? But the inset image of frolicking babies in black diapers left me intrigued, and not a week later, I received a second email from the folks at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week inviting me to preview the diapers at an industry debate.

The bad news is that Armani Diapers do, indeed, exist (in Russia only for €23 a piece). The good news is that the fashion industry seems to view the idea as critically as I do, as evidenced by the need for a debate.

All this, however, left me thinking about other bizarre forays by fashion brands into the world of product design.

Like Jean-Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke. Do you think it tastes like fashion?
[via Zimbio]

Or how about Raf Simons X Eastpak? For $295, you can tote your books around in an ultra-minimalist satin backpack that's most certainly less durable than its canvas brethren.
[via Mr. Porter

I realize it's a tad sacrilegious to criticize Alexander Wang, but does the world really need a designer jump rope? That's just one of the ten items in Wang's Objects No. 3 collection, which also includes such non sequiturs as a bottle opener, playing cards and a lighter case.
[via Alexander Wang]

But here is my absolute favorite... the Versace helicopter. The Italian fashion house teamed up with helicopter maker AgustaWestland to design perhaps the most obnoxious luxury item ever. In case you have $4 million burning a hole in you pocket, the helicopter is available at The Billionaire Shop. (I couldn't make it up if I tried).

[via Versace Home]
I'm all for a good fashion-home crossover, but these connections seem tenuous at best. What do you think?


  1. Designer diapers....just no. And definitely WTF?!

  2. Too much ... that is all I can say! OMG, I can think of many other things to spend 295 on, instead of a satin Eastpack! I'll just make one!

  3. The satin backpack though >_> I'm surprised none of the trinkets Marc Jacobs creates for his boutiques ended up here but Wang did.

  4. Definitely merits a wtf? Unless it has some special powers like self cleaning where it cleans your baby's dirty butt, etc. Don't even get me started on the jump rope and the eastpack...!

  5. Good call! I completely forgot about MJ's trinkets.

  6. Too far! Who needs this junk?

  7. Honestly, I'm not surprised at all. I saw the LV condom (very expensive!) and I think that designers could do anything to get more money. I'm not surprised by the fact these diapers are sold only in Russia. There're people who just want to spend money in the most stupid way, and designers are ready to satisfy them.
    Anyway, black is not the best color for babies, it's full of chemical product.

  8. No! Just no! I'm pretty sure Karl Lagerfeld did something with coke too! Those diapers are ridiculous though. I can't believe I missed this post, it's a little slice of awesomeness!