Thursday, August 1, 2013

Picks from H&M Home's U.S. Launch

H&M Home Autumn 2013 collection
(all photos via H&M)

The rumors of H&M e-commerce in the U.S. finally came to fruition this morning with the launch of the fast-fashion label's online store. The good news: $5.95 flat-rate shipping. The not so good news: No in-store returns.

With a brick-and-mortar H&M around the corner from my office, I can't see the online store revolutionizing my clothes shopping habits, but I can get excited about the newly available H&M Home line.

Available for the first time stateside and only online, pricing of the home goods is right in line with that of the clothing (dirt cheap), and I can only imagine the quality follows suit. Nevertheless, there are some darn cute items on offer if you're looking to do a quick home refresh rather than make a lasting investment. My picks, after the jump...

Garment Bag (12.95) / Shoe Bag ($5.95)

Book Curtain (17.95) / 2-Pack Botanical Curtain ($34.95)

Small Plate ($6.95) / Candle ($6.95)

Macaroon Apron ($12.95) / Macaroon Tea Towel ($4.95)

Cake Plate ($14.95) / Plate ($6.95)

So, will you bedeck your digs in H&M, or will you stick to the clothing? I'd love for some Europeans to weigh in, since H&M Home made it's debut there back in 2009.


  1. love the garment bags and book curtain! def need to explore...

  2. Interesting line of items, not sure if I'll find anything for home, but the shoe bag is super. And I'll obviously GO LOOK!

  3. I will definitely be taking a peek at their home stuff! I'm on a home kick since I'll be moving into a new place soon.

  4. Oh yeah? Where's the new place?

  5. You chose amazing things, im so excited one of my favorite retailers is now offering home goods! thanks for this post!


  6. Thanks for stopping by, Eden! :)