Wednesday, July 10, 2013

LEGO Lamps and Limbs

[photos via Fab]

Nerd alert: After a fiance-imposed viewing of Star Trek last night, I discovered that is selling Sean Kenney's incredible LEGO lamps. As an artist, Kenney creates commissioned modern sculptures entirely out of LEGO bricks, and he holds the awesomely dorky title of world's first "Certified LEGO Professional."

While Kenney's lamps can't compare in scale to some of his most impressive works, they are certainly his most useful, each one being fully functional. Even at Fab's sale price of $659 and up, the lamps don't come cheap, but I'm sure some of you are already dreaming up DIY projects.

Speaking of LEGOs, have you seen this video yet of the amputee who created a LEGO prosthetic limb? It's been making the Internet rounds, but it's just too cool not to share.


  1. Samantha Chu RamageJuly 10, 2013 at 10:34 PM

    intriguing! i want to make a headpiece out of legos now!


  2. OMG, they look so elegant. Also I love Star Trek!!! :D

  3. Oh, no. You're as bad as Avi. Want to take my place when he makes me watch?

  4. That limb is damn cool! I used to play with Lego a lot as kid so I really love this lamps, but the price, ouch! Maybe try and build one yourself...?

  5. That's exactly what I thought. I don't know if I'm quite that skilled, but I'm sure someone craftier than me could do it.