Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day Find:
Backgammon by Alexandra Llewellyn Design

top to bottom: Antler, Louisa Table, Carnival
[all photos via Alexandra Llewellyn Design]

Why is it that Father's Day gift guides always assume that the men in our lives are golf-playing, beer-swilling, gadget-loving grill masters? My dad would much sooner add a piece of art to his wish list than a set of golf clubs or choose a blazer over barbecue tools. And I can think of at least one dad in my life (my uncle) who would go crazy for the exquisite backgammon boards and game tables designed by Alexandra Llewellyn.

In addition to Llewellyn's main backgammon collection, she creates bespoke game pieces of semi-precious stones and commissioned one-off game boards and tables...

Africa backgammon and card table (commissioned)

Mexico board (commissioned)
Bespoke backgammon and card table

Of course, the price of such craftsmanship runs steep, with boards starting at £2,100, but they would certainly make a great gift for a dad who surpasses the stereotypes.


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