Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Designer Discovery: Wamhouse

POPRAWIANY armchair by Wamhouse

Inspired by the natural surroundings of its studio in northern Poland, Wamhouse has been designing some pretty wacky and wonderful furniture since its inception in 2005. Established by a graphic designer/photographer and a civil engineer, the design firm shies away from what they call an academic approach to design, taking a fresh look at architecture, interiors and furniture design.

ZJEDZONY armchair by Wamhouse

PRZELANY armchair by Wamhouse

Egg table by Wamhouse

PSINA armchair by Wamhouse

WYKLUTY lounge chair by Wamhouse

To view more of Wamhouse's work, visit their website.

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  1. These are so unique I love the last two styles, definitely conversation starters, and ice breakers!