Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston, You're My Home

graphic by Aaron Bouvier Design [via Facebook]

I promised you pictures when I returned from Tel Aviv, and I landed in Boston this morning, but it doesn't feel right to move on without addressing what has happened in my hometown. The question is, what can I possibly say?

I could try to wax poetic about feelings of impotence, anger, grief and - most of all - shock, but every word I put to paper just sounds trite. Besides, with my office building now a fixture on the national news, its windows blown out behind a steady stream of smoke and carnage, I can barely bring myself to mute the TV long enough to string a few sentences together.

As everyone else has already said, we are a tough city that will persevere. You know, Dunkin's and Southie and the Revolution and whatnot. Now, it's just a matter of waiting for some sense of normalcy to return. Until then...


  1. so glad you were nowhere near your building that day! i agree- i cannot think of anything to say about it all either- it's so surreal! can't wait for better news and to read about your glorious trip!


  2. I had a hard time putting it into words too. I still am in shock and disbelief.

    <3 Salem Style

    Crocheted With Love in Salem Massachusetts

  3. Am relieved to hear you weren't there when it happened! It's such awful news... I've just caught up on catching one of the bombers whilst the other one is still at large. My heart goes out to the victims...
    Looking forward to hearing more about your trip, bet you took some fab photos!

  4. The manhunt is in my own neighborhood. It's just insane! I'm glued to the television today. Thank you for thinking of all of us in Boston. xo