Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Midweek Covet: Semiprecious Tableware by Rablabs

top to bottom: Kiva Platters / Lumino Coasters / Kiva Platter in Zebra Jasper
[photos via Rablabs]

Sorry for the late-night post, but aren't these beauties worth the wait? Designed by Anna Rabinowicz, Rablab's colorful collection of home accessories are crafted by artisans in the U.S. and Brazil in semiprecious materials like agate, amethyst, jasper and calcite.

Each item Rablabs creates, from clocks down to napkin rings, is a striking interpretation of natural elements, but it's the gilded and silvered objects that have got a hold on me. (I can be a bit of a magpie sometimes.) The colorful Kiva Platters, edged in sterling or 24-karat gold, are $380 to $420, but the Lumino Coasters are slightly more attainable at $120-$140 for a set of four.


  1. Crazy gorgeous! In love with that last platter!

  2. OMG these are gorgeous! If only I could spend the much on coasters! And nothing like a little magpie :D. I'm into it!

  3. Too cute!

  4. These are beautiful. Though... I don't own any coasters now and I'm not sure I'd spend over a hundred on a set.

  5. Yeah, I would never! But it sure would be a nice gift to get. :)