Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Architecture in Sand by Calvin Seibert

photos by Calvin Seibert [via Flickr]

Good news! Come April, it looks like I'll be sipping daiquiris on the shores of the Red Sea. The soon-to-be Mr. Well-Appointed Catwalk is always up for visiting friends and family in Israel, and I'm always up for a beach vacation, so the resort town of Eilat is perfect for both of us. Despite all of the interesting architecture in Israel, though, I don't imagine there will be any sand castles that quite measure up to these.

Sand castle artist Calvin Seibert created these modernist structures sans blueprints, designing on the fly and using two simple plastic putty knives and a five-gallon bucket. Each sand castle can take Seibert anywhere from four hours to a couple of days to complete, only to be captured in a photo and then washed away by the waves.

You can view more of Seibert's work on Flickr.

[via Smithsonian and Colossal]

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