Monday, December 3, 2012

WTF?! Moment: Designer Christmas Sweaters

Because sometimes design is so absurd, so out there, that there's nothing to say but WTF?!

center: Meadham Kirchhoff Maria Sweater ($1,395) / clockwise from top: Markus Lupfer Santa Claus Sweater ($400) / Moschino Appliqued Sweater ($695) / 3.1 Phillip Lim Snowflake-Embellished Sweater ($450) / Chinti and Parker Reindeer Intarsia Sweater ($560) / Stella McCartney Reindeer Intarsia Sweater ($735) / Markus Lupfer Wreath Sweater ($190) / Moschino Penguin Intarsia Sweater ($500)

That monstrosity in the center costs $1,395. Yes, you read that correctly: Meadham Kirchhoff and a bevy of other high-end designers are trying to convince fashionistas that a fugly Christmas sweater is roughly worth its weight in platinum. 

I get it. I really do. Irony is in, and ugly sweater parties have become as ubiquitous as horn-rimmed glasses and handlebar mustaches. Designers are merely playing to the market. You know, the market of hipsters who don't already own Christmas sweaters knit by misguided aunts. And live nowhere near a Goodwill store. And lack the opposable thumbs necessary for ordering from QVC. Umm...


  1. Wait. What? I thought ugly sweater parties were supposed to be funny. Not serious...

  2. That's nutso!!! How much?! What were they on, and did they OD on mulled wine or something? There are fun Xmas jumpers and then are those that just don't work. Reminds me of that jumper Colin Firth's character mr. Darcy wears in Bridget Jones, lol!

  3. I actually kind of like the pink and yellow deer one.....


  4. I know what I'm getting you for Hanukah...