Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Furniture by Asher Israelow

Asher Israelow / Paper Credenza detail / Terra Chair
[headshot by Matthew Williams / all photos via AsherIsraelow.com]

Yesterday, Forbes released it's the ultimate kick in the head to middle-aged entrepreneurs everywhere: the annual "30 Under 30" list. This batch of young overachievers can leave even the most industrious souls cowering under their desks, bemoaning their lack of accomplishment; but the list is also a goldmine of fresh, raw talent.

It was furniture designer Asher Israelow, listed in the Art & Style section of "30 Under 30," who caught my eye. Mainly because anyone wearing such ridiculous glasses is either a creative genius or a megalomaniac. One look at Israelow's website proves he's the real deal.

The furniture looks deceptively simple - a single-slab walnut bench, a table made of reclaimed wood and raw steel - but closer inspection reveals craftsmanship and intricacy rarely found in contemporary furniture. Think exposed joints, silver maple inlay and even star maps in brass.

Using only ethically and locally sourced materials, the RISD-trained architect writes that each piece of his furniture "narrates the story of its materials, with an honest approach to joinery and a touch of conceit."

Simon's Table

Star Map Table

Terra Bed

You may now return to your feelings of inferiority sponsored by Forbes.


  1. i don't even want to look at that list- especially since i am enjoying 29 right now! but that star table is amazing. love!


  2. His sunglasses amuse me, but I can't deny his talent. The Star Map Table is beyond amazing; I could build an entire living/dining room around it.

  3. Hey Asher, i just love your ideas !

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