Friday, October 12, 2012

The Anatomically Correct Chair by Sam Edkins

Available at Cavaliero Finn [via Gizmodiva]

Like a piece pulled from a cabinet of curiosities, The Anatomically Correct Chair by Sam Edkins is an eerie reminder to sit up straight. Each chair is an old piece that Edkins has reconditioned and reupholstered, digitally imprinting velvet with images from old medical journals.

The overstuffed shapes hearken back to Victorian parlor furniture, while the style references memento mori, a Latin phrase and genre of art dating back to Classical antiquity. The translation? Remember your mortality. Creepy! And just in time for Halloween, too.


  1. I'm totally entranced by these chairs. How interesting and amazing and weird...all at once...

  2. Does it get any more creepy chic than this? Just started a pin board devoted to skulls, skeletons, and horns, haha, may need to add these.

  3. Kara @ The BostonistaOctober 14, 2012 at 10:54 PM

    Can you imagine actually having this in your room?! I mean, seriously? Because I can't. I can, however, picture the homes that this chair would be in. They are not places I would want to visit. Especially alone. Or at night....

  4. I like weird stuff like this. The second one is very cool. Awesome finds, Marissa!