Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Popupology by Elod Beregszaszi

Form, Business Invader and Interlocking Birds business cards by Popupology

My graphic designer is lucky I discovered these pop-ups only after ordering my new business cards. Otherwise, she would have had her work (quite literally) cut out for her.

Elod Beregszaszi is the artist behind London-based company Popupology, creating 3-dimensional paper business cards, greeting cards, sculptures and even jewelry. As amazing as these business cards are, my favorite work by Beregszaszi is his Origamic Architecture, a collection of collapsible architectural facades based on buildings from around the world.

Victoria Park Pavilion

Royal Courts of Justice

National Theatre

San Marco


Taj Mahal

Best of all, the Popupology website includes video tutorials for all you DIYers. If you give it a try, make sure to send me photos of the results!

[via dezignHD]


  1. Pop up business cards are officially on my wishlist. How adorable!

  2. these are so neat! I don't think I"m ready for a DIY quite yet but you never know :) you find the coolest stuff!

  3. These are seriously cool may have to consider them when I'm next due some business cards printing.