Monday, October 8, 2012

Kaleidoscope Wallpaper by De Joode for Soonsalon

Bella Bella wallpaper from The Noir collection by De Joode for Soonsalon

Another fabulous find via A sale over the weekend of Dutch design led me to the website of Soonsalon, a Netherlands-based studio that teams up with emerging designers to create some wonderfully quirky products. My favorite of these is the Kaleidoscope Wallpaper collection by De Joode.

De Joode is a Dutch fashion photographer who aims to go beyond the classic "strike-a-pose" imagery. For her wallpaper collection for Soonsalon, she uses repetitions of her images to create striking kaleidoscopic patterns.

PetitFours wallpaper

Hot & Chilly wallpaper

TripleFrosted wallpaper

StrawberrySouffle wallpaper

CherryCupCake wallpaper [all photos via Soonsalon]

What appears to be just a modern pattern from afar reveals a surprise for anyone who cares to take a closer look. Brilliant!


  1. Love Fab. And now I'm obsessed with these wallpapers. They're so crazy to look at!

  2. These are really cool- although I'm not sure I could handle living in a space with paper like this!

  3. Wow, this wallpaper is totally trippy and so cool! I particularly love the second one and it's amazing how it looks like one design from afar and another up close.

  4. Groovy Baby!:-). Seriously, I am in love with these! Very, very cool! Thanks so much for sharing. XX