Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Williams British Handmade

Pieces from the "Crafted Fashion" collection by Williams British Handmade

Sarah Williams, designer of fantastical bespoke luggage under the label Williams British Handmade, once told an interviewer that she was giving up her surrealist leanings to take a proper, paying design job. That was in 2010, following the debut of her first collection, "Crafted Fashion."

But just a year later, the London College of Fashion grad was back at it with "The Orient."

"The Orient" collection [via Centurion Magazine]

Admittedly less avant garde than it's predecessor, Williams' second collection drew inspiration from the 1930's heyday of the Orient Express, telling the story of an archaeological expedition travelling the rails from London to Constantinople.

With a  company website that's improbably bare, there's little to indicate that Williams British Handmade will be back with new designs. The pieces are, no doubt, impractical and unprofitable to produce due to their handmade nature, and the slightly watered-down second collection may have been an attempt to go after a larger market. But in a world where the jetset will shell out thousands for a monogrammed Goyard trunk, why can't creative talent like this succeed? Seems a pity!

On a happier note, I have a shoe giveaway going on here.


  1. These are very well crafted. Thanks for the intro. On another note, I couldn't help thinking about the headlines regarding Prince Harry while reading this. It maybe because of the term British, or the fact that that was the last story I read before stopping by:-). A shoe giveaway? A girl could always use more shoes. Off to check it out:-)

  2. Haha! I didn't make the Prince Harry connection, but I guess this post came at the perfect time. :)

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